Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A wish

Why do we suffer? We are humans, with intelligent brains. We have done so much together, more than any other animal on earth. We should wield pain like any other tool, and yet I cannot. Is there someone who can? How do they do it? Being able to master pain is a great feat.

My methods are not effective enough to alleviate the suffering. I say to myself that it is nothing, that it does not matter. I reassure myself that everything is alright. I keep myself busy doing something all the time while I am awake. But these are just distractions. Sometimes the pain is too much to do anything. I know there is another way. But how?

Those that do, those who are wielders of pain, please teach us. What better gift can there be than to remove someone's suffering? We would feel like the wealthiest humans, as internal wealth is much more important than external.

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