Thursday, 4 December 2014

Help for Chronic Pain Sufferers 4

I have some bad news. I received a letter from Department of Health (1 month after writing to them). It contradicts what is written on the NHS website. I would like to share some quotes from the letter as it is not confidential and concerns all of us.

"...the Government has no current plans for a further review of the list of medical conditions that confer exemption..."
Really? But on the NHS website I have linked to it clearly says that the government are reviewing the list of conditions. I refer to the very bottom of the page:

So what is the truth? Are the government reviewing the list or not? It is very confusing when one person says one thing and another person says another.

"People on a low income can seek help under the NHS Low Income Scheme, which provides help with health costs on an income-related basis."
I think that there are some misconceptions in government. This is not what these things are about. Pensioners get winter fuel allowances, free eye tests and free bus passes regardless of their income. Millionaire pensioners get these things. They are not income related. The same with certain illnesses. People with those specific illnesses get free medication regardless of income. Millionaires will still get their medication free if they suffer from those illnesses that are listed. This means that the point is to compensate a person who is ill. People who take care of their health but are ill should be compensated for what fate took away from them. We had no part in what happened to us. We did our best. When the problem is genetic, or just appears, the person can do nothing to stop it.

"The Department will continue to look at options for creating a fairer system of prescription charges and exemptions that takes into account the overall NHS finances."
Is that an indirect way of saying that people will have to pay for charges because of the deficit? What happened to ring-fencing the NHS from spending cuts?

A very disappointing reply. Again we are on our own. It is always us being cared for and supported financially by our families. But what about people with no family? We with chronic pain can expect nothing from society.

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Help for Chronic Pain Sufferers 3

I have received a reply from my local MP saying that the matter has been taken up with the Health Minister (the possibility of changing the requirements to qualify for a Medical Exemption Certificate). Hopefully we will see some changes but it is always difficult for minorities, especially disadvantaged minorities, to be heard and considered.

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