Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Help for Chronic Pain Sufferers

I have found out recently that people with certain chronic conditions can get free medication. But chronic pain is not listed. It seems strange that one person is fed while another starves. Are we not all equal?

Someone is born healthy. Someone else is born ill. It was not a choice. Surely there should be some compassion for people who, as far as we know with the current medical achievements, will be in pain our whole life. We will need to pay what is quite a large sum, every year until death, to get medicine that we do not take by choice. What is even more unfair is that people with chronic pain are less likely to be able to work to pay for this. So the person who is not likely to be as wealthy anyway, now has to lose even more money to pay for medicine for a condition that we did not choose to have. Other chronic conditions have, rightly, been added to list. It is about time that chronic pain was acknowledged alongside them.

I have written to some government bodies to ask that chronic pain be included in the list of chronic conditions for which people can get a Medical Exemption Certificate. I will keep everyone updated as to how it goes.

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